11 Months

The time has come for me to share Ella’s last month post because next month she will be 1!!! This has been one fast year!  I think I may need time to slow down just a bit.

Ella has decided she is no longer content to just sit and watch us.  She took her sweet time but she is scooting and sort of crawling, as in backwards!  I remember Jack doing that exact same thing. I keep hearing jokes about how well she will be crawling once the Christmas tree is up. {ahem} I guess we will see.

She is in the process right now of getting some more teeth.  She actually has been using her teeth to try some new foods and liking them.  Her new favorite thing to do is transfer toys from one place to another, one by one.  I also have heard reports that she can stack nesting cups perfectly.  Seth has seen her do it twice and our extended family saw it on Thanksgiving.  She never does it when I’m around and I’m having a hard time believing it!

Call me sentimental, but I wanted to take her picture in the same rocking chair as Jack’s 11 month post.

Who knew she would actually want to rock!

She was being a cute wiggle worm though!

We love you sweet girl!

Happy 11 Months!


3 thoughts on “11 Months

  1. I am such a stinker about changes-I like to do something without having to hunt and figure out………

    These pictures of Ella are beautiful-her personality is really shining through!

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