Merry Making

After some long weeks of tissues, coughing, rest, home remedies and a doctor visit (after over 5 years of he and I not needing to see one) it seems the sickness has left our house. Poor Seth caught a nasty bug from work that resulted in an acute sinus infection and bronchitis. The kids both caught their own versions of this and thankfully (I’m assuming the extra garlic, herbs & the fact that I got this sort of thing a LOT as a nanny) I didn’t get it.

We are now enjoying this special time of year.  Last December was rather full of waiting for Ella to get here and then when she finally decided to come it was full of all that is involved with having a new baby.  This year, I have enjoyed watching Jack get excited about each new decoration, craft, nativity, baking and advents . Speaking of advents, I wrapped up 24 winter/Christmas themed books for him to open once a day. He LOVES it and I do too!  I have been collecting books for quite a few years now and it turns out that through gifts and second hand stores I had more than enough!  The wrapping however, took me 2 naps, a whole roll of paper and tape and I still didn’t have enough to wrap the last 3 books.  I think I will be breaking out the reusable bags next year. 🙂

IMG_3557Just a few of our books!

IMG_3580We placed them near his bedroom Christmas tree and he chooses one every night before bed.

IMG_3565Jack helped me unwrap bags of kisses for a special pretzel treat for Seth’s co-workers. Here is a prime example of the way Jack works. I tried to just toss my kiss into the bowl but Jack had to fix it and have them all lined up inside the bowl! Hmmm…

IMG_3570I bought white flour for the 1st time since I started grinding my own wheat years ago, for the sole purpose of making sugar cookies!

IMG_3579While I frosted, Jack decorated and I think he had his fair share of taste testing. 😉

IMG_3568Ella thought all of these treats looked delicious. Maybe next year, baby girl.

IMG_3574This may be the biggest news of all! Ella is crawling!!! Do you know which day she decided to show us her new skill? The day we put up the Christmas tree! She pulled everything out of the basket and climbed in. I may be in for it with this girl…!


4 thoughts on “Merry Making

  1. Oh dear, Jack is very methodical! Ella will surely frustrate his “ways” and maybe loosen him up a bit 😉 thanks for sharing your days with us.

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