Sunday Best

My mom has been anxious for an updated picture so here are a few of them in their fancy church clothes. My mom found this adorable smocked dress second hand and it reminds me of the ones she used to sew and smock for me and my sisters. Jack was pretty proud of his “big boy” tie too! Image

My one normal one of the two of them!


He is excited about something (who knows)!


Jack thinks this face is hilarious. Me, not so much. Well it is funny but a bit disturbing. Ella copied it pretty well the other day. Great, two little crazies!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Best

  1. I love his crazies…… youngest still does it for every picture unless I give him ‘the look’!

    I thought that Ella’s dress looked just like the ones your Mom used to make!!!!

  2. I laughed so hard looking at that last picture…reminds me of the wife and I watching a movie that has even the slightest scary part in it. Her = loving every second…..Me = scared to death!

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