Out Like a Lion

As I sit here by the window, watching Jack play in yet another late winter/early spring snow, my spring fever is growing. We are starting to get over a nasty cold we caught from our play date. We have gone through at least 2 boxes of tissues. Ella seems to be taking it the worst. Her cold started off in her chest and is now in her head and boy does that girl not like anyone messing with her nose. On top of that, her molars have been coming in and morning naps are about to stop and she has been pretty miserable. March seems to be going out like a lion. Come on April!

On one of our recent bath days, I pulled out a bag of Easter eggs I got for 90% off after the holiday last year. I have big plans to have a Resurrection egg hunt (maybe next year) but until then they make great bath toys!


Ella likes to splash!

ImageWe all like to watch the bubbles when we dunk them under the water and then watch them drain out when we lift them up.


Jack likes to shoot them off his nose like this or throw them like grenades once his sister is out and getting dry!


Peek-a-boo is always fun especially when she pronounces it “keek-a-boo”!

One of the best 20 cents I ever spent!


3 thoughts on “Out Like a Lion

  1. How I was longing to see my sweeties and this popped up in my email! I guess we’re all feeling the need for Spring- God promises it will come! I saw a Robin this morning ;). Love the pics.

  2. I have fond memories of my kids sharing bathtime at that age, too — it was usually a fun time. 🙂 I can only imagine how cute Ella’s version of peekaboo sounds!

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