Packing Up and Moving Out

That’s right! After over 3 years of working with a real estate agent, we have finally found a house!!! It has been quite the journey. For some reason, our area’s real estate didn’t really become a buyers market. In fact, houses in our price range were pretty run down and nasty and they still wanted a fortune for them. We almost decided to find a house to rent but since we have been locked in at close to the same rent that we paid 10 years ago we knew it was going to be hard to pay the extra $200-$400 for something not as nice or that much bigger. So, long story short, a few days after we found out I was pregnant God showed us our house. Isn’t His timing always perfect?!

We are so excited to have some land (almost 2 acres), 4 bedrooms, basement, attic, garage, barn and a little view of the mountains. Of course, things need work and the barn and possibly the garage will need to come down but we have a house and a yard! A place to start putting some of our dreams into reality. A place for our kids to run around. We are thrilled (if you couldn’t tell)!

We have been really busy getting the house ready for move-in day. It has been rented the past 30 years. The first time we saw the house it had lovely (ahem) mustard colored carpet. The next time we saw it someone had ripped them out, yeah! They didn’t find it necessary to do it very carefully though and left quite a few gouges in the oak floor underneath. My husband and his Mom have been working for days to get the floor sanded and repaired. They started the floor finish today and should be done with it by this weekend. I don’t think Seth wants to see a floor sander ever again or at least for a very.long.time! So next up is prepping the walls and moldings for paint. Did I mention that all of the downstairs moldings are mustard yellow? Because the carpet wasn’t enough yellow. And it is peeling off because whoever painted it didn’t know the paint underneath was oil-based. Blah. We shall see how much we can get done in the next 2 weeks…

So, that is where we have been. Packing, remodeling and doing all of that lovely moving stuff. Here are a few pictures of the house but I am going to save most of them for before and after shots as things improve. 😉


1931 American Foursquare


Before picture of the living room


After the floors have been mostly sanded but without any finish. Definitely an improvement, wouldn’t you say?!


Our first family photo at our house


So, this is what the kids and I will be up to the next few weeks…boxes, boxes and more boxes!


8 thoughts on “Packing Up and Moving Out

  1. You will love all that space and especially room for kids to roam. I think you’ll have some good neighbors. We know some people in that area. Best wishes. Anita & Joe

    • It is about 25-30 minutes away. I feel like I am moving to a new state though since we will be closer to another city than the one I currently live in! I need to figure out how to get to the library (very important in Jack’s world), grocery store and other necessary places. New adventures!

  2. Oh, congratulations, Bethany! I am SO excited for you–you are going to LOVE having the land and room for the kids to explore outside! And it’s obvious the house has HUGE potential–LOTS of work, but huge potential. (I know EXACTLY what you’re up against there!) The 1940’s vintage gives it character you’d never find in a modern house. Enjoy making it your own … little by little. 🙂

    • Thanks Jenny! Yes, I love character much better than the cookie cutter home. I keep reminding myself it will take time (like the kitchen and bathroom!) but it will be worth it in the end. 🙂

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