Swings and S’mores

After Seth removed some unnecessary bushes in July he moved on to the backyard’s overgrowth. He did a great job cutting up a cedar tree that had grown too close to the walnut tree and then removed tons of poison ivy and other weeds. We used that nice open area to put up some swings. We built Jack an oval one rope swing from reclaimed lumber and got Ella a swing as well.ย  We have plans to make a play area for the kids with all of the cedar stumps and one day build a sandbox. In the mean time, the dirt around the tree has provided lots of fun digging opportunities and the cedar “cookies” have cooked up quite nicely in their kitchen. ๐Ÿ™‚

We have already enjoyed a few bonfires from all of the hard work, which also led to Jack’s first s’mores!ย  One week, a farmer came and made hay in our back field and Jack was thrilled to be able to watch the tractor and baler at work! It led to quite a few days of baling his own hay with his tractor toys. Summertime delights!

IMG_4252Seth was quite surprised to find this salamander where all the brush had been!

IMG_4275Lots of fun!

IMG_4256A sweet smile to reward her Dad for all of his hard work!

IMG_4265It was nice to see the open field again.

IMG_4259Investigating the hay bales…

IMG_4263while Ella decided to do some walking!

IMG_4278Anxiously awaiting his s’mores…

IMG_4282he declared it very yummy. A boy after my own heart!


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