Jack’s 4th Birthday

On November 12th, Jack turned four! It has been such a joy to watch him grow. This year has been full of so many changes and he has handled them so well. He loves his family and is always looking out for his siblings. He loves vehicles (still), books, the library, blocks, instruments, the alphabet, playing and working outside and garbage trucks/workers!

We had a fun day together as a family on his birthday and then we celebrated with Seth’s parents later that week. Seth made him chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and he had mini cupcakes for his birthday treat. He wanted a “pink and plump and perfect cake” for dessert when his grandparents came. He got that from one of our favorite books The Seven Silly Eaters. Together we found a recipe for a strawberry white chocolate chip cake. It was pretty yummy and maybe even a little perfect for the birthday boy. 😉

We got him some outside yard tools, a container of rice with construction vehicles, a construction vehicle puzzle and the long awaited traffic cones. Somehow he saw those cones almost a year ago in my closet and he hasn’t let me forget about them! Seth’s parents got him a wheelbarrow that he loves! My parents got him some nice (and needed) clothes, a book and game. My sister’s family got him a train set and a tent. The tent is still set up in his room and he and Ella have a blast in it!


The birthday boy with his balloon (a birthday tradition).


I found these vehicles at the Dollar Tree (shh, I saved 2 other ones for Christmas).

Yes, my kid was excited to get a big container of rice! He loves to dig in it. 🙂


The Cones!!!


He really likes the magnetic crane. Good job finding a Brio train set at a garage sale Kari!


The tent is lots of fun!


He raked up leaves and…


took wheelbarrow loads over to the garden.


Happy Birthday Jack!

We love you!


4 thoughts on “Jack’s 4th Birthday

  1. What a nice birthday! I think he would be best friends with Luke – the rake, wheelbarrow and construction vehicles are used a lot here too.

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