Our Christmas

This year Seth was scheduled on Christmas so, we decided to bump our Christmas up a day. We had a nice relaxing day with good food and happy kids. Seth and I got to play some games (rare these days!) and watch the “new” Miracle on 34th Street. Family time is always special and I think we all felt that this Christmas as we celebrated our Savior’s birth.

IMG_4748I should have closed the shades, oops…I was able to sew some more big gift bags this month to add to our collection.

We also really enjoyed our Christmas book advent again this year.

IMG_4750Christmas pajamas

IMG_4787This little guy slept most of the day but was happy and cute in between.

IMG_4758A calculator and sunglasses were her favorite stocking gifts!

IMG_4769That is until she opened her handmade iPhone! Seth made one from wood and a $1 phone skin. She has been catching up on calls ever since!

(By the way, I don’t have an iPhone and am rarely even on my cell phone. This girl though, loves to “talk”!)

IMG_4766Seth also made this camera for Jack. The button on the top really pushes down and the lens turns!

IMG_4764drum for my noisemakers!

IMG_4770This pie is full of fun learning opportunities!

IMG_4777Little mama taking care of her new baby.

IMG_4775Jack has started to be able to put together 100 piece puzzles!

IMG_4785A quiet 1 & 1/2 hours in the afternoon…just enough time to eat treats, drink tea and laugh together.

It was a great Christmas. I’m so thankful for Bing and Swagbucks. It allowed us to get the kids gifts basically for free! I’m already working on saving up for next year. Give it a try if you haven’t already. 🙂


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