Ella’s 2nd Birthday

On December 20th Ella turned 2! She is growing up…saying new words, skipping, pretending, enjoying life. She is full of personality that usually has me laughing or about to cry. 🙂 She loves her brothers and usually can be found playing with one of them. Some of her favorite things are phones, calculators, remotes (anything she can turn into a phone!), dolls, playing outside, shoes, running errands, kitchen play and snuggling.

IMG_4694Pancake and egg for the birthday girl

While Seth was on baby leave he built Ella an adorable play kitchen for her birthday!  It was such a fun project to do together and we love watching the kids play with it every day.


IMG_4729We got the brand new faucet off of Craigslist and I found the sink at Goodwill…a 55 cent chaffing dish!

IMG_4731Her Gammy got her this fun pizza… fresh from the oven!

IMG_4730Her fridge and freezer are on there way to being well stocked.

IMG_4697Seth’s dad made this amazing table for the kids. Woodworking definitely runs in the family!

IMG_4702Each time she ripped off a piece of wrapping paper she would run into the kitchen to throw it away. I decided to bring her a trashcan to save some time!

IMG_4711I am pretty sure she has put these boots on every day since her birthday! Thanks Kari!

IMG_4738Yummy apple cake and ice cream

IMG_4562We love you Ella bear!

Happy Birthday!


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