Months 3 and 4

I got thinking it is time to share Lucas’ monthly post and realized he just turned 5 months! Where does the time go? He is getting so big! Thankfully, right around 4 months he started to be happier when he was awake. Now he will sit in his bouncy seat or lay on the lambskin and watch all the busyness around him. He is pretty busy too. He can roll over and move around on his back and stomach. He jabbers, squeals and laughs and he really is quite delightful! He actually loves to stand up supported and will do it for quite awhile. He started to act like he was teething and sure enough a tooth popped through a few days after turning 5 months! Ugh, teething. By the time, all of my babies get their teeth (Ella still needs to get her 2 year molars) it will be time for Jack to lose his baby teeth. I can’t get a break from the teeth!


3 Months


We love him so!


Sweet drooling boy 🙂


He has started to hang out in the Bumbo seat too.


Happy boy!


He enjoyed Ella reading to him.

We love you little Lucas! Happy 3 & 4 months!


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