Months 5 and 6

The little guy is 6 months old! It seems hard to believe he is half a year old already. It almost appears that he thinks he is older than he really is. He has 4 teeth! FOUR!!! He also has been crawling backwards. One day I laid him on his sheepskin and he rolled over. He was laying there on his stomach with his arms fully extended, just watching us. Next time I looked he was on the other side of the room! We all had a good laugh about that, including him. 🙂

Lucas loves watching his siblings. Jack can make him belly laugh and Ella always brings a smile to his face. They actually help out a lot with him. I love my 3 silly bears!

IMG_50645 months

I should have taken a picture of my crew. They were all around me with their play cameras trying to get him to smile. 🙂

IMG_5094Here is the little monkey after his great escape.

IMG_5152This was before his top teeth popped through.

IMG_51836 months

Legs and arms just a-going!

IMG_5188He was very focused on the sign and was determined to get it.

IMG_5189Almost got it…

IMG_5193I tried to trick him and put it on the other side…he just laughed.

IMG_5192I finally just gave up.

IMG_5196He thought it was a great game!

P.S. He is representing his Aunt Megan with his Coast Guard shirt she got him. 🙂

IMG_5158He shared his smiles even though teething is no fun.

IMG_5168Ella wanted to read next to him.


Happy 6 months, Lucas! Hopefully the next post won’t include you walking…


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