The Long Winter~ Part 1

I think we can safely say that spring is here now but it sure was a long winter. I was looking back on our winter pictures and I thought I would share some of the things that kept the kids busy during those long cold days. I actually have quite a few pictures so I will divide this up into two posts.

When they weren’t chasing each other around the house or riding the trike (yes, inside) we did some structured activities.IMG_4929Play-dough

We made our own too but I guess this wasn’t one of those days.



I know you are saying, “Yawn, we know all about those crafty things. What else do you have for us?”

Well, let me tell you of an amazing craft that kept my kids busy for hours at a time. Seriously.

Homemade Gak!!!

IMG_5080Very fun stuff!

IMG_5077Stretchy, mess free (mostly) and endless possibilities.

IMG_5089Moms can even drink coffee and read in peace. Yes, please.

IMG_5217The 2nd time we made it we didn’t use food coloring and the kids colored it with markers instead.

IMG_5214They really enjoyed doing that. However, I would say they didn’t play with it as much and the Gak didn’t last as long.

Either way, stock up on Elmer’s glue at the back-to-school sales and make it…lots of it. 🙂

IMG_5111The kids really enjoy sensory containers of beans or rice.

IMG_4426We gave our rice a rainbow makeover because who wants to look at boring white rice when the world outside is white…

IMG_4600Happy rice

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “The Long Winter~ Part 1

  1. I just want to reach our and squeeze that gak! I’d like to give my grandkids a squeeze, too. Love the colored rice. Looking forward to part 2.

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