June & July

Our summer consisted of gardening, playing inside and out, traveling and starting our first year of homeschooling! Here are some of the highlights for these months…


IMG_5601Our garden

It was a learning year and we will definitely be making some changes next year. We had problems with cabbage loopers and deer. Hopefully, next year our precautionary measures will keep them away.

IMG_5692Some of our first cucumbers (which we all LOVE)! Suyo Long and Edmondson varieties

IMG_5676The kids needed a break from the heat so they came inside for a bean snapping lesson. 😉

IMG_5642Outside the kids used their imagination and came up with all kinds of games.

This one was collecting “garbage”…

IMG_5660a LOT of digging happened as well as making different things out of scrap wood.

IMG_5599We read outside.

IMG_5649When it was too hot to play outside we built forts,

IMG_5652read books for the library’s summer reading program,

IMG_5585and made lots of fun marble mazes (which I found at a garage sale for $1!).


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