We had a busy August! We started the month visiting my family in NY for my sister’s wedding. I can’t believe my baby sister is married! She asked me and the 2 older kids to be in the wedding. Jack was especially excited about being a ring bearer. We read books, practiced, had many conversations about weddings and got his outfit ready. That’s why it was such a bummer that all 3 kids got sick while we were there.  Jack  actually started coming down with it the morning of the wedding. He barely made it down the aisle and wasn’t able to go to the reception. He was quite sad he missed out on all the fun. Poor guy.

I only got 1 picture of the kids dressed up and you can tell that they aren’t feeling the best. They couldn’t even stay for the pictures after the wedding so, I am really hoping that the photographer got a few. Sigh…anyway, Megan was beautiful and the wedding was wonderful. I am so happy for her and Logan! They both serve in the Coast Guard and are actually apart right now as Megan finishes her time overseas. I’m sure they both can’t wait until November!

IMG_5809I thought they looked adorable! Ella with her princess dress and necklace she got for being in the wedding. Jack wore a bow tie that I made from anchor fabric (to represent the Coast Guard). My dad even bought a tie with anchors to match him. It was a beautiful wedding but I kind of wish we could do it again just so Jack could enjoy it…

IMG_5812Megan was gorgeous and she was the calmest bride I ever saw!

IMG_5827Megan always brings some life to the party!

IMG_5824My parents with the newlyweds

IMG_5882The wedding party

IMG_5899If it hadn’t been for my husband I never would have made it through the day. That was another thing I missed…having him beside me. He selflessly took the kids back to my parent’s house after the wedding while I went to the reception. It was hard being away from them especially when everyone was so sick. Thankfully, my best friend and her kids took their place at our reception table and I was able to enjoy visiting with them.

IMG_5909Once everyone was feeling better we visited a local park and explored the pond.

A week after we got home we started our first year of Kindergarten homeschool. It has been a lot of fun!

We are keeping things pretty simple with a mix of Montessori and Charlotte Mason methods. We read a lot about the ocean, sea life and the Wright Brothers in preparation for our Outer Banks vacation (more about that next time). He seems to be absorbing a lot and having a good time. Even Ella gets in on the action sometimes. 😉

IMG_5977Jack 4 1/2 years old

IMG_5973Ella 2 1/2 years old


IMG_5996Sea life and colors

IMG_5997Water beads and ocean animals

IMG_6052Painting seashells

IMG_6054He really enjoyed this.

IMG_6058They were so pretty when they dried.

IMG_6105What boy wouldn’t love flying planes for school? 😉

We also visited a local county fair…

IMG_6007 The kids sat on tractors,



IMG_6019pet animals,

IMG_6004watched the motorcycle show

IMG_6032and the wild animal show.

I went for the limeade which they did NOT have this time but the lemonade was pretty good too. 🙂

So, those were the big August happenings!


One thought on “August

  1. What a nice overview of your month! We’re so thankful God gives you strength to be wife, mom, teacher and a great daughter 🙂

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