Happy 2015!

Well, hello there! I’m still here and I do love to share snippets of our life but it is a bit hard at times. You see screen time is a rarity for my children so I try very hard not to spend big chunks of time on the computer when they are awake. Then when they are asleep I am too exhausted or have more pressing matters to attend to that the blog gets pushed aside (again). I like having these memories to look back on so, (once again) I am going to try to get more pictures on here. We shall see if I can manage a weekly post this year. New years are all about dreaming big…

Soooo, the 2 big kids are out with their dad doing errands. Going to the dump, bank and Lowes to buy a toilet seat is extra special when you get dad time! So, while Lucas tears Jack’s room apart I am going to get some pictures on here. I left you off with our beach visit last time so here is the rest of September…

IMG_6413Ella was very curious about this Praying Mantis that was hanging out on our porch. She got right in it’s face. πŸ™‚

IMG_6421We visited Monticello with Seth’s parents to attend their Heritage Festival. It rained off and on the whole time but we all really enjoyed it. The kids got to pet some animals,

IMG_6422watch and participate in all kinds of trades and crafts,

IMG_6434the music was a big hit with Jack,

IMG_6440as was playing with the hoop.

Even Thomas Jefferson (see him in the background?!) said he was really good at the game!

IMG_6450He ran full speed ahead for a good long time!

IMG_6427Checking out the beautiful gardens was more our speed. πŸ™‚

IMG_6430Ella taking a break out of the rain.

IMG_6483We celebrated Lucas turning 1!

IMG_6494He is getting so big…12 teeth, taking steps but still prefers to crawl (fast), climbs on everything and loves putting anything inside of containers.

That little popper toy he is holding is so fun but one of the guys is missing and I’m really hoping he didn’t throw it away. Seth is constantly finding toys in his work boots!

IMG_6489He is still my little love bug but has recently turned into a daddy’s boy! Which makes Seth so very happy!

Oh wow, they still aren’t back so, here is October too…

My good friend, Rachel and her husband came for a visit sans kids and we had a wonderful time together! Who knows why I didn’t take a single picture while they were here…sigh. Next time, we agreed she needs to bring her kids so, they can entertain each other and we can have even more talking time. πŸ˜‰

IMG_6530We like to take nature walks in our back field.

IMG_6501Sometimes Jack finds a feather and this time he wanted to turn it into a pen. So, we got creative with some black paint!

IMG_6559He also built this motorcycle! Seth just helped him hammer in the nails.

IMG_6526Gak was a big hit again!

IMG_6565I found some like new Adidas sneakers in Ella’s size at Goodwill. Anyone who knows Ella knows she adores shoes so, waiting for them to dry after I washed them was a bit torturous. She just pulled up a chair and waited. πŸ˜‰

IMG_6584Super happy!

IMG_6591Jack turned my kitchen into a giant geoboard while I was getting everything ready to make applesauce.

Don’t get too attached to my beautiful (ahem) kitchen. Plans are in the works to make some improvements this year…I can’t wait!

IMG_6594Lucas is pretty excited about it too!

Well, my family is back with their Lowes purchases and some kitchen catalogs!

See you back here again sometime soon!


We Are Still Here

Somehow a whole month got a way from me. Moving is hard. Being pregnant and having little kids that are adjusting to all the new changes is even harder. Thankfully, things are settling down a bit and we are falling into a new normal. I did take some pictures in my absence but truthfully not many. We have been doing repairs, picking strawberries, celebrating patriotic holidays, exploring our new surroundings and visiting with family. My mom came for over 2 weeks and even though I didn’t take a.single.photo the evidence of her being here is all around us. She hemmed curtains for the kid’s rooms and kitchen, made a cushion cover for the $3 highchair I found at a garage sale, made some really cute tissue paper flowers for Ella’s room and just kept me sane with all of her help. πŸ˜‰ Kari and Audree came to pick her up so we had a few days to visit and play with them as well.

The kids are growing and changing. Jack has started to call this house “home” instead of “the new house” so it seems to be sinking in. Ella is becoming more independent too. She said 3 new words just today and will climb on and in anything. She would still rather crawl than walk but has taken some steps and is becoming more confident. I’m pretty sure she will decide running is the way to go so I can wait… at least a little longer. πŸ™‚


Jack enjoys driving his trucks on the front porch.


Ella is banned from the front porch since all she wants to do is go up and down the cement steps out front.


Jack drew his first person on Mother’s Day which I thought was a great gift. We called him “the muscle man”. πŸ™‚


My talented husband built amazing shelves for the basement and took the time to let Jack help.


Strawberry picking this year was a bit disappointing but we still got some yummy dessert and baked oatmeal from our efforts.


Jack enjoyed the tractor ride more though.Β  He actually was a great help getting all the berries washed once we were home.


My patriotic family!


We have been exploring our pasture out back and enjoying the blackberries in granola and fruit salad.Β  The snakes and mosquitoes…not so much.


We visited a new park and I’m sure we will be back. Especially since they have train rides on Saturdays and Sundays!


Ella’s hair is getting long and curly! I think she was trying to tell me something the day she took a fork out of the dishwasher and started combing her hair with it.

We have since bought little Ariel some hair pretties!


1 box+ dirty laundry= an excavator digging dirt and dumping it into a dump truck in Jack’s world!


Ella decided pushing her stroller around the house was a much better use of time. πŸ™‚

So, that pretty much brings you up to date. Hopefully, I will be back before another month passes!

Packing Up and Moving Out

That’s right! After over 3 years of working with a real estate agent, we have finally found a house!!! It has been quite the journey. For some reason, our area’s real estate didn’t really become a buyers market. In fact, houses in our price range were pretty run down and nasty and they still wanted a fortune for them. We almost decided to find a house to rent but since we have been locked in at close to the same rent that we paid 10 years ago we knew it was going to be hard to pay the extra $200-$400 for something not as nice or that much bigger. So, long story short, a few days after we found out I was pregnant God showed us our house. Isn’t His timing always perfect?!

We are so excited to have some land (almost 2 acres), 4 bedrooms, basement, attic, garage, barn and a little view of the mountains. Of course, things need work and the barn and possibly the garage will need to come down but we have a house and a yard! A place to start putting some of our dreams into reality. A place for our kids to run around. We are thrilled (if you couldn’t tell)!

We have been really busy getting the house ready for move-in day. It has been rented the past 30 years. The first time we saw the house it had lovely (ahem) mustard colored carpet. The next time we saw it someone had ripped them out, yeah! They didn’t find it necessary to do it very carefully though and left quite a few gouges in the oak floor underneath. My husband and his Mom have been working for days to get the floor sanded and repaired. They started the floor finish today and should be done with it by this weekend. I don’t think Seth wants to see a floor sander ever again or at least for a very.long.time! So next up is prepping the walls and moldings for paint. Did I mention that all of the downstairs moldings are mustard yellow? Because the carpet wasn’tΒ enough yellow. And it is peeling off because whoever painted it didn’t know the paint underneath was oil-based. Blah. We shall see how much we can get done in the next 2 weeks…

So, that is where we have been. Packing, remodeling and doing all of that lovely moving stuff. Here are a few pictures of the house but I am going to save most of them for before and after shots as things improve. πŸ˜‰


1931 American Foursquare


Before picture of the living room


After the floors have been mostly sanded but without any finish.Β Definitely an improvement, wouldn’t you say?!


Our first family photo at our house


So, this is what the kids and I will be up to the next few weeks…boxes, boxes and more boxes!