Winter Days

On these cold days, we have been staying busy inside and out.

IMG_4814We built an egg carton bird feeder.

IMG_4841It is a little hard to see but a Tufted Titmouse was really enjoying it. We enjoyed seeing it up close!

IMG_4794Ella got these rainbow window blocks for Christmas. During the morning sun, we have fun building with them.

IMG_4798They are also fun for an impromptu game of peek-a-boo!

IMG_4797Funny girl 🙂

IMG_4836We made a “wheel shop” one day out of our various sizes of cut logs.

IMG_4847When the snow came Jack had a great time shoveling and clearing the snow off of our vehicles.

IMG_4842I stayed inside to cuddle the little ones.

IMG_4876LOTS of books have been read…

IMG_4893My dad got the kids the High Five (Highlights) magazine for Christmas.

Last month’s issue talked about building a library. Jack really wanted to do that. So, we did!

IMG_4891Ella has a new found love of brushing her teeth.

IMG_4881Sweet baby boy

IMG_4882He has been laughing at us a lot lately!

IMG_4914Gammy got Jack this nice outfit for Christmas. He looked really handsome for church that day. 🙂

Stay warm!



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